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Amazing resizable gallery with horizontal scroller supporting tooltip. Tons of options in the XML and an amazing looking file overall.

Image Thumbs Scrolling/Panning Menu tool with multiple uses, a must-see!

This is a slick, highly customizable resizable gallery with neat glow effects, take a look !

Amazing vertical image scroller menu with neat ambient glow effect, motion blur and many more features. Easy to implement and customize.

Tags : ambient | light | motion | blur | menu | unlimited | scroller | vertical | resize | mask | xml | driven | flashtory | glow | smooth    [....]

Top notch horizontal thumbnail sliding menu with tooltip and an awesome glow effect. Take a look !

Awesome resizable gallery with tons of customizations and easy implementation. Take a look !

Tags : flashtory | vertical | resizable | gallery | kelssar | slick | smooth | scroller | blur | scroll | speed    [....]

This is a highly customizable resizable gallery with a vertical thumbnail scroller.

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