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A slick contact form, resizeable and very customizable. It has a social links module so your visitors can keep track of you, it has an image holder and last but not least, the visitors that send you and email will also get a notification!

Tags : contact | form | image | photo | php | text | social | links | bookmark | twitter | facebook | clean | resizable | columns | dynamic | xml | flashtory | as3 |    [....]

Amazing full site template, a perfect fit for designers, developers, freelancers or any other creative that needs to display their work. Check it out !

Slick and useful banner rotator with many options, HTML formatted description and unlimited items. Resizable and XML driven.

Amazing resizable gallery with horizontal scroller supporting tooltip. Tons of options in the XML and an amazing looking file overall.

This is a simple ad banner image rotator that uses thumbnail for navigation. Quite cool and useful.

Tags : banner | ad | advertisment | simple | easy | image | rotator | interval | autoplay | flashtory | easy | embed | tons | options | xml    [....]

This is a highly customizable resizable gallery with a vertical thumbnail scroller.

This is a highly customizable resizable gallery. Horizontal scroller can go at the top or bottom. Take a look !

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