Analogue Countdown Timer 01 AS3

Flash File Specs :
Flash Flash CS3+, 39 kb filesize, , Actionscript 3.0, XML
All Source Files Included !
Package contains : .fla, .as
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The analogue countdown timer counts down the remaining time until a preset date/time. The comparison is made between this set time and and the user system time

The component is highly customizable directly from the xml and is written in clean ActionScript 3.0 code with comments.

Sounds can be disabled if you want, you can change all the colors, you can use the whole countdown timer as a link.

It also has a "finished" state with customisable text of course.

You can resize the file by embeding it in a smaller or larger size in html or simply resizing it within your flash project.

The following options can be changed in the XML config file:
- target date (year, month, day, hour, minute, secont, GMT variation)
- all colors (bg color, numbers color, grill gradient, shadow colors, highlight color, label bg color, label text color)
- counter transition animation type (ex. linear, bounce, ease out etc.) and animation time
- make counter button on/off
- url and target if the counter is a button
- sound volume (can be set to 0 to mute it)
- finish text (ex. Website Launched !)

Photoshop Design .psd file is also included along with all Flash sources.

We hope you enjoy this new release from Flashtory.

Help/Support available only on our Analogue Countdown Timer 01 AS3 Flash Support Forum

XML Sample

Below you will find a small sample of the .xml file used in this component. It should help you better undersand how the items are organised and what is customizable straight from the xml file.

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