How do I buy flash files ?

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In order to purchase files on you have two options : using the shopping cart or the quick buy option.

We recommend using the shopping cart in order to benefit from our discounts and have a better control over your order. However if you're looking to buy a single file the quick buy option is a good idea too.

In order to build up your order you can browse around our site using the categories, search feature or one of the other browsing options and use the "ADD TO CART" button in the listing or file details for the item you want added to your cart.

Once you've added all your files, you can click on the "VIEW CART" button that is included in the cart summary in the top-right part of the site. This will take you to the cart summary page that will allow you to review and edit your order.

After you review your order, you can use the "FINALIZE ORDER" button that will take you to the confirmation page that leads to Paypal where you will be able to pay for the files after login in. After the payment is completed you will be returned to and have immediate access to download the files you purchased.

Using the "INSTANT BUY" option on any file will take you straight to the payment confirmation page that leads to Paypal. Once payment is made, you will be sent an e-mail with the download details for the file you purchased. If you have an account the file will be added to your purchased files list and you will be able to download it whenever you want from the "My Account" page.

We highly recommend creating an account before finalizing the order so that you will be able to download the purchased files as many times as you need over time. If you purchase without an account, you will receive a download link on your paypal e-mail address with the download details for the files. The download links for each file can be used for a maximum of 5 times and within 7 days before they expire. In case you you have any trouble with downloading or the links are expired please contact support and we will help you out.

If you pay by Paypal E-Check it will take a while to clear (up to a week as stated by Paypal). You will have access to the purchased files as soon as the check clears. If you are in a hurry, we don't recommend purchasing with a check rather from your paypal ballance or credit card so that you have instant access to the files.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we're happy to assist.

How can I pay ?

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Put simply, we only support Paypal at this moment, but for larger orders and lack of a Paypal account please contact us for additional payment options.

Discounts, how do they work ?

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We do our best to reward our buyers with great offers and discounts so we conceived a discount formula that will reward each additonal purchase as well as the total order amount.

You basically get 1% off with each new product you add to your cart and there is also a total order amount discount in place. The maximum discount is 30% at a total order of $200 and it gets raised proportionally as the amount increases.

The total discount is calculated by adding the order amount discount to the discount created by the total number of items.

Here is an example :
If you order 6 files worth $72 your discount will be as follows :
(6 * 1%) + 10.8% = 16.8% discount. Which means you end up paying $61.6 instead of $72. Not bad, right ?

File Licenses

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Regular License allows you to use the purchased file in 2 custom projects, made for yourself or a client. This covers most typical uses of stock flash files.

Commercial License allows you to use the purchased file in any number of custom projects, made for yourself or a client.

1 Year Membership allows you to use any of the files in 2 custom projects, made for yourself or a client. For more uses you can either purchase another regular licence to gain 2 more uses or commercial one for unlimited uses.

You will not be able to : re-sell the files, distribute them. For any of this cases please contact us at

File Support and Help

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Free support is offered for bug-fixes or any constructive problems with the files. Any issues will be fixed promptly and at no additional cost.

Each one of our files is acompanied with a Help File that will outline it's setup, xml contents, and pointers towards customizing certain features.

In addition to this we try to help our usersbase as much as time permits us on the Public Support Forum. Please note that that because of time constraints, geting an answer to non-bug related questions can take up to 48hours.